Why Ventas Verdes?

At Ventas-Verdes we look to the future. We believe in long-term sustainable solutions, with the main goal to continue enjoying this beautiful world.

We are Ventas-Verdes

Our mission is to make it possible for everyone to make their lives more sustainable in a quick, clear, and easy way.


Today, interest in renewable energy is growing, increasing the opportunities in the solar market. This makes it difficult for stakeholders to make decisions, which is why clear and honest advice is essential.


Ventas-Verdes was born out of this vision. We provide all available information and knowledge about solar panels to those who trust us. In this way/ in this way, our customers are assured that they can make the best decision about which solar panel system is right for their situation at the level of a professional. Together, we create the best possible solar experience.

Thanks to Ventas-Verdes,

Unfortunately, the energy transition is proceeding too slowly. Many multinationals around the world are investing more money and resources in their “green look”, without giving way to a real transition to renewable energy while supporting the environment. Our goal is to accelerate this energy transition. We can and must all participate to achieve this common goal. There are millions of homes in Spain that can make a difference. At Ventas-Verdes, we set to work with this vision in mind, in collaboration with everyone who wants to preserve this special planet for all future generations.




Personal assistance


We create as much value as possible together with everyone involved. We achieve our goals by helping people efficiently, simply, and professionally.


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